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Why Us

Dulwich Loft Conversions are one of the highest-rated conversion companies in London, having worked on over 1000 projects since launching their business a decade ago. Of course, it’s no surprise that loft conversions are a popular choice in the Greater London area, as these undertakings can be highly profitable in adding extra space and value to the property.

As we believe there’s no better review of the quality of our services, we offer new customers the contact details of those who have just had the finishing touches put to their own conversion. This allows the full and impartial rare – and believe us, word of mouth travels fast! In just one small patch of Southwest London we’ve recently completed our two hundredth project – seven of which were on the same street.


We take pride in converting any loft to the highest quality out there – and are so confident in the class of our work that we’ll also throw in a ten-year guarantee. So anyone considering a loft conversion ought to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for.

Of course, these kinds of projects can often be pretty substantial projects – and for your peace of mind once we have collected your order and deposit, we issue a certificate of insurance. This certificate not only contains all the details for our guarantee, but also protects the deposit for up to twenty-five per cent of the contract too.

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