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Fire Safety

Fire safety and regulations are much stricter when it comes to assessing a three-floor home rather than a two floor one. The potential risk to life and property is deemed considerably higher and provision must be made for safety and escape when considering building a loft extension.

There are four essential fields for consideration regarding fire safety in such a property. These are:

  1. Smoke detectors must be installed and maintained/tested on a regular basis.
  2. There must be provision for viable means of escape.
  3. Structural (internal) fire spread – how likely is a fire to spread given the combustibility in the home?
  4. External fire spread.


All buildings are obliged to be well-designed and constructed from the very best materials deemed suitable to the properties use. These are enforced by building regulations and affect a great many areas of the property – staircases, insulation, airflow and party walls to name just some.

We take fire safety just as seriously as the building control team, and have an established track record of going all-out to ensure that our loft conversions exceed the minimum recommended safety levels. Throughout the construction of the loft extension our team of experts will oversee all aspects of fire safety to ensure that regulation compliance matches the quality of the workmanship.

Building control and assessment is carried out one of two ways – full plans and building notice. Full plans is the format used by ourselves as provides the homeowners with a ‘completion certificate’; the absence of which may be an extremely expensive document should the home be put on the market in the future.

We firmly believe that such legal matters are an essential corner that mustn’t be skipped in the process of building a loft conversion. Luckily we know a great deal about fire safety – it’s essential to our jobs – and are uncompromising in our determination to pass this on to our customers.

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