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About Us

Here at Dulwich Loft Conversions we only ever work with our own crew of builders. Quite simply this is to ensure that our standards are kept consistently high and for our own peace of mind knowing we’ve the best in the business working on our projects.

We’ve also found over the years that our clients like to be kept abreast of the progress of their loft conversion – after all it’s their home! Indeed we try to go out of our way to keep customers in the loop at each stage of the project, and will always be matter regarding matters such as timescale and estimated dates of completion.

In order to keep to our timescale and deadlines we only hire builders that we know are the best at what they do. The team are then assigned to their own specific specialism, speeding up the construction process while absolutely guaranteeing a great piece of finished work.

Following our initial consultation and with the measurements we’ll take that same day, we’ll sit down with our clients and explore the options. Often we’ll have material samples or pictures of completed projects, so you know exactly what you’ll get – we don’t like surprises here. To prevent any complications, we will use scaled drawings of a loft conversion project, and for extensions, also factor in the projected size of the new space. This is especially important when fitting a two-storied extension, as it’s easy for the room to feel incomplete should essential fittings such as windows and stairs not have enough thought put into them.

Once we’ve received the go-ahead, all of our clients can be assured that our team will treat the home with the utmost respect. After all – we’re builders – and nobody knows more than us about how stressful having a major project carried out on your home might be.

Project Costs

Likewise, we lie out all the project costs according to stage and price – this means you are always in the loop and in control of expenditure. There are never any hidden charges or similar naughtiness from us – it’s simply not in our nature, which we’re confident you will find out when you meet us!

Back to the practicalities for a moment – the amount of disruption will vary according to the type of project. For a typical loft conversion, we’ll be working in the loft for the first month or so – noise and disruption will of course, be kept to a minimum.

If the project is a house extension, you can expect us to very rarely even need to enter the house at all. We’ll use side and rear approaches for any access and of course keep you updated should utilities need to be interrupted for a short while. What’s more, any equipment and materials will be stored neatly in an area of your choice – a clean site is after all a safe sight.

It’s worth doing some homework and learning more about us. I can confidently say that our previous customers will be more than happy to provide us an excellent reference, and we encourage new clients to contact them for advice.

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