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Loft Conversion Process

If you’ve let your eyes skim down the length of this page you’re going to see a rather long list, detailing quite a few rather more ‘technical’ terms. The good news is that this information is provided as a courtesy – as we’ve found that plenty of homeowners get quite into experiencing the build of a new loft conversion. Quite simply, it’s the way we do business so that everyone knows where they stand throughout the project.

Now back to that list – we’ll take care of every step all the way through. Following the initial meeting, once we’ve collected all the measurements we’ll go away and build a scaled design of the projected conversion. Don’t worry – there’s no fee for this, and it’s a service we like to offer so our team of experts can all have a say. Everything from building regulations, planning – if needed – and building control can be handled via us.

Then we’re all set to go, we’ll arrange a date and get on with the task at hand. We’ll build the loft conversion all the way through to the hanging up the wallpaper stage – and of course, all fee’s and expenditure will be laid out as agreed.

Stages that make up a loft conversion:

  • Scaffolding to be erected where needed.
  • Open up the roof with care to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. Allow 3-4 weeks.
  • Steel structural supports for ceiling and dormer arrive and are installed.
  • The new floor joist is installed – usually this will be in the presence of the building inspector.
  • The dormer is now built.
  • Inner aspects of the dormer are installed.
  • Building inspector will visit again.
  • The roofer makes good the dormer – will install guttering etc.
  • Partitions are completed in the loft.
  • Insulation is attached and made good.
  • Windows are fitted.
  • Stairway created.
  • Electrical points are installed. We will make these precisely positioned to your satisfaction.
  • Plaster boarding now completed – this will need around three days to rest.
  • Final decisions are made regarding flooring and fixtures, and then installed.
  • Shower room will be fitted presuming it has been agreed upon.
  • Fireproofing is set up wherever needed.
  • Gutters are checked over again to make sure they aren’t loose.
  • Building Control officers will assess the suitability of the loft conversion for fire regulations etc.
  • Now it’s ready to decorate!

Obviously each project is different but as a very broad rule of thumb try to allow around 6-8 weeks for a standard conversion. The good news is that we’ve completed many hundreds of these jobs and have absolute confidence in helping you improve your home.

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