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Wimbledon, in Southwest London, is home to around 70,000 residents. Its electoral wards include Hillside, Trinity, Abbey, Dundonald, Raynes Park, Village, and Wimbledon Park.

Wimbledon is famous globally for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships which are held every year in June. But what many people do not know is the tennis club started life as a croquet club. Lawn tennis was only introduced around eight years after the club’s conception. It soon became clear that the tennis was more popular than croquet, and within due course croquet was dropped.

Wimbledon is also famous for its common which is home Elisabeth Beresford’s fictional Wombles. The theatre is for another well-known Wimbledon attraction housed in a grade 2 listed Edwardian building on Wimbledon Broadway.

Wimbledon comprises two distinct areas, one residential known as the village, and the other known as the town, is the retail part of the district. The town developed quickly after the railway station was built and development began away from the original village of Wimbledon.

Humans have inherited Wimbledon since the Iron Age or maybe even earlier when a hillfort was built on Wimbledon Common which covers around 11 acres of land.

The 1087 Doomsday book lists Wimbledon as a section of the manner of Mortlake. Many wealthy families built homes in the area, some of which still stand today. These include Wimbledon Manor House, Warren House and Eagle House which allow access to the public.

Excellent location

Wimbledon is an extremely attractive area as it has plenty of green spaces considering it is a London borough and is located just over 7 miles from Charing Cross. Therefore It’s no wonder that property prices are a premium with all sorts of buyers searching for Wimbledon property, ranging from city workers to young families who need extra space.

Why hire us to convert your Wimbledon loft

If you need more space in your Wimbledon home it makes sense to convert the loft rather than moving. We have converted dozens of lofts in Wimbledon in both the village and the town – not only for homeowners who need extra space but also for those who recently purchased and bought a home with fewer rooms than they need to save money and later add an extension. This often works out cheaper than paying the higher price for a house with the number of bedrooms you actually need. Converting a loft in Wimbledon will add significant value to your home.

When you call us we will find out exactly what it is you want to gain with your Wimbledon loft conversion. We will survey your property at your earliest convenience and advise you on the best type of conversion depending on your roof type and the requirements of your family, while remaining within budget. Our feasibility study is completely free of charge.

We specialise in loft conversions as opposed to general building work for this reason we have no need to outsource any part of the work to other companies, and every member of our staff is an in-house worker trained in loft conversions.

We are very proud of our excellent customer service and the fact that many of our clients come to us through word-of-mouth recommendation from previous customers.